Health Care Tips to Keep Fit

Health Care Tips to Keep Fit,- Everyone will want to have a healthy and fit body. With the condition of the body healthy and fit we can carry out daily activities smoothly without any obstacles. In addition, we also can avoid the attack of various diseases. Therefore, maintaining health is very important and should be done by everyone.

Here we present some tips on maintaining a healthy body in order to stay in shape:

  • Water Consumption

Water is the designation for mineral water or fresh water, which is boiled water or water that has been sterilized (drinkable) with the absence of any impurities. Consuming water at least 1.5 to 2 liters, equivalent to 8 glasses a day can help improve a person's fitness. The body needs water to maintain moisture in the skin and kidney filtration process. Water is also required by the body in the removal of toxins in the form of urine. Therefore, the daily fluid needs very dipenting to maintain a healthy body and also to avoid dehydration.

  • Set Eating

A regular diet overhaul is expected to gut the food does not undergo displacement in absorbing nutrients which are needed and which are not needed by the body. Intestine absorbs all the nutrients needed by the body such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and atioksidan. Adjust your diet will hopefully prevent us from ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease. In addition to pay attention to the nutritional content of food that will be consumed, the food portion should also be considered. Do not let us eat excessively. Due to overeating have a detrimental effect, such as weight gain, or even trigger the onset of disease. Therefore, eat in portions that suit your needs.

  • Regular Exercise

Sport is actually a necessity for human life, where the function of the sport is to maintain balance and prevent various diseases through fat burning and pumping nerve cells in the sole of the foot toward the vital organs in the body, such as the intestines, nerves, brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. However, there are still many people who do not run it because most people have thought that the sport takes a special, special place, as well as a variety of things that are difficult to be applied. In fact, exercise can also be done simply and anywhere, even at work though, like to walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on.

  • Avoid Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages

Good habits such as smoking and consumption of alcohol is a cause of unhealthy body. Cigarette smoke that is inhaled and enter the lungs will make the organs contaminated by the toxic substance called nicotine. If left alone, and do not quit, then the toxins will continue to accumulate until interfere even jeopardize the functioning of the lungs. In addition, alcohol is also one of the causes of many chronic diseases, including cancer. Cigarettes and alcohol can also inhibit to get pregnant fast, therefore, we must avoid both.

  • Break Regularly

Regular breaks not only about the frequency and number of how long we break, but rather on how the quality of sleep that is being undertaken, the total rest or sleep quality has an important role on the health of a person's body. Quality rest or sleep well and regularly in day and night touted to have a role in the stability of the production of various hormones in the body, even the lack of sleep is also known as one of the causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

  • Avoid Stress and Positive Thinking

Another way to maintain health is to avoid and prevent stress. Psychiatric conditions that stress will affect the quality of the physical health of your body. So, not only are disturbed psychological health, but also your physical health. In addition to stress, positive thinking also has a relationship with the body. Relation that is if we do how to maintain stamina and healthy body also will have a positive effect on the mind as well.

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